market shuttle service


The shuttle service is an on-demand service, it does not operate on a scheduled time table. It can be requested by phone or e-mail (e-mail should be sent at least a day before the market opens).

During the opening hours of the market a shuttle service is available from the Paynes Bay (Esso) gas gtation in order to bring visitors up the hill to the market (see map and bus routes). This service between Paynes Bay and the market (and return) is FREE OF CHARGE for visitors! At the gas station, please call the market number +1 (246) 844-1729. The local part of the number is also noted on the shuttle sign at the fence near the bus stop "To City" in front of the gas station.

Note: Hotels, guesthouses and visitors lodging in the Paynes Bay area may call the shuttle for direct pick-up. These are Tamarind Cove Hotel, Treasure Beach Hotel, Beach View and other hotels/guesthouses as far South and including Crystal Cove Hotel. To the North the service ends at the northern end of Paynes Bay.

Please, note: Occaisonally, it may occur that NO shuttle vehicle is available. In order to avoid disappointment and frustration to our visitors, we strongly recommend to confirm the availability by phone before you make your way to the market!

The shuttle will carry the sign shown below visible for better recognition.


sample view of a shuttle bus

(Make, model and seating capacity are subject to change without notice)


The first ride of our shuttle service took place on May 19th, 2013. Here the first passengers who got a ride "on the house" posing with the driver.