Interview and presentation on CBC TV 8

Holders Farmers' Market on CBC TV 8

11:00am, January 25th, 2013, "Mid Morning Mix"


Holders Farmers' Market was invited to the "Mid Morning Mix" on CBC TV 8, January 25th, 2013.

After a brief introduction of the market by Jurgen Starck (market manager), Zonia Philips (a farmer and vendor at the market) demonstrated very detailed how everyone can grow herbs and vegetables in a plant box - "From seed to table".

The entire appearance was about 1/2 an hour and started at 11:00am live. A repeat was telecasted at 9:00pm the same day. I have asked for a recording of this presentation and it will be put online as soon as it becomes available.

This invitation to CBC TV 8 was initiated thanks to Rose Harvey of Harvey cool Fashion Barbados - another vendor at our market.

Below see a few photos taken in the studio and screen shots of the TV stream repeat.

Teshia Hinds, the presenter (third from left in the back), announcing the show...
Jurgen Starck introducing the market. Click here to watch the interview.
Zonia Philips during her presentation.
Well done, Zonia!