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Information for vendors and those who want to become a vendor...

vendor information and forms Documents relevant for vendors or vendors to be, like Vendor Registration form, Terms & Conditions etc.
e-mail to web master Use this feature to directly contact the web master for questions, problems or suggestions. Don't be shy, he won't bite you!
vendor page submission Use this link in order to directly upload your vendor page information text/pictures.
NOTE: This will NOT make your vendor page go on-line immediately! However, the web master has got it and will look at it and put it on-line a.s.a.p.!
advertisement A detailed list, where and how the market has been advertised.
flyer distribution A detailed list, where the flyers have been distributed.

vendor newsletter archive
You missed some? Read them here. This link provides access to all newsletters to vendors that have been sent so far. Very useful for NEW registered vendors who haven't received some older newsletters!
vendor "hit list"
Here you see how many visitors and hits the vendor pages have received.