HFM - vendor "hitlist"

 rankvisitorshitsvendor name
1275383Ras Moses' Herbal Products
2253310Cushions 'N' Things
3235320Mud to Magnificent Pottery
4192281Harvey cool Fashion Barbados
5189228Photographic Images of Barbados
7172209Shemar's Organic Products
8156195Earth Mother Botanicals Ltd.
9150182The Masala Grill
10131196Nadia Datt and Priya Archer
11128152Summer Expressions
12127158Went Home
13121148Luc Poirine
14120146Jay Gees Bakery
15116141Agabhumi Barbados Inc
16113139Luna Design
17111138Jah Glory Plant Nursery
18109128Donna Morgan
19108133Rackel's Way
2096132Botanical Jewellery Barbados
2194123Nature's Oils
2289110Charmaine Scott
2389105Coral Jordan
2487104The Cliff Bakery
2583110Shelly's Natural Juices
268196Summer Gems
277890Harrow's Organic Produce
2877104Artemis Arts
296592Collector Arts
306087Lisa's Crafts Paradise
315873Monseed Inc.
325782Everick Lynton Studio
335668Domi's Delights
364150Signage & Architectural Accents
374053Craft by Adriana
383959Edison Williams
393749Nourish Food And Beverages
403651Elle Carmen
422932Barbara Payne
4377Che' Essentials
4422Glimpse Barbados
4511Craft by Adriana
4611Emme Rose

This list contains 46 vendors.